Ron uses the Ilfochrome Classic process to produce color photographs from his original color slides. This is a direct printing process not requiring an internegative.

The Ilfochrome Classic photo is produced when stable azo dyes, incorporated right into the emulsion layers of the paper, are activated during exposure in the darkroom. In conventional color photographic processes the dyes are formed from color couplers during processing. The azo dye incorporation reduces light scatter during exposure, allowing much finer detail and maximum sharpness in printing, and producing excellent color saturation and image stability.

This process is more difficult to use and is much more expensive than most color printing methods but the print is overall much brighter and sharper, more closely approaching the beauty and color of the original transparency. The Ilfachrome Classic photo is the longest lasting color photograph available - rated at 50 years in direct sunlight before any noticeable fading may occur..

Most photos from the books, as well as newer images and photos from other countries, are also available for framing.

FoundviewMost of Ron's photographs are "Foundview" photographs. Those few that are not are clearly labeled as such. None of his photographs have been altered digitally in any way. Any manipulation has been done in the darkroom using traditional photographic methods.